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Important Commission News Post!

2017-01-26 18:13:33 by GrossGirl

I was given an offer for more responsibility on one of my projects that I can't pass up! So I'm going to have to pause taking on any new commissions for at least until the end of February! Sorry guys, but this means more cool shit for you guys in the future!

mwah much love



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2017-01-26 19:10:30

do people actually pay you for drawing guys shitting into other guys' assholes

(Updated ) GrossGirl responds:

Not yet, or likely ever


2017-06-30 00:28:11

Hi! Newb to the area, but I wanted to say hi, and that you're very talented! I'm hoping to get some of my art up on here soonish, and would love to get some feedback!